Make your own handmade silly pot, we throw the vessel and you make it silly!

The Process

  1. You choose the style of pot you want (use a ready-made pot or we can throw one on-the-spot *)
    1. Mug
    2. Cup
    3. Bowl
  2. You make your silly creation (we provide instruction and help if desired)
  3. You choose a glaze or multiple glazes from our wide selection
  4. We take over from here and you sit back and wait
    1. This is what we will do:
      1. Clean-up any rough edges
      2. Let it dry completely (2-5 days)
      3. Fire it in a bisque load (2 days)
      4. Glaze
      5. Fire in a glaze load (3 days)
  5. You either pick up your pot or have it shipped anywhere in the US (you can expect the pottery to be done in about 2 weeks)
    1. If you live in Berea we can hand deliver your pottery for $3

* The pots will be in the leather hard stage which means they will still be wet enough to mold and shape but hard enough to work with and keep their shape. If we throw a pot on the spot we will have to either microwave or blow dry it some before it can be ready for you to make it silly.

Your pottery will be glazed with food safe glazes and it is also microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe.


Single Pot $50

Additional Pots $30/each

Interested in doing this as an event for your organization, church or business? Contact us to discuss a large group rate.

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