About the ARTIST

Artist Statement

David finds peace and silence of all disturbances when working with clay. Every step from start to finish involves coordinated action and movement. Using the God given materials available to us and creating something that starts out as clay to create a piece of beautiful pottery courses through his blood. Seeing the results of his hands and watching as others take in the splendor and uniqueness of each piece fills his heart with joy.


David graduated from home school in 2005 and went to 3 colleges studying computer science, business and leadership. It wasn’t until 2009 when he discovered throwing clay on the wheel in his Uncle’s basement that he wanted to pursue ceramics as a career. Years later, David still produces pottery but also has a “real job” as owner of Dedicated Web Design.

Media and Work

David mainly enjoys creating functional work that everyone can enjoy daily. He uses Kentucky stoneware, then each piece is glazed using food safe materials and fired to 2185° F. David prides himself on creating naturally beautiful work that is made using high quality materials and workmanship. You will find all the pottery is food, microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe.

David Beaulieu – Berea Pottery

David Beaulieu - Berea Pottery
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